Chrissy Teigen On What It Means To Be Real, Relatable And Always True To Yourself


I exited the elevators on the 14th floor of a gorgeous warehouse overlooking the Hudson River in Chelsea, New York City, to find Chrissy Teigen perched by the window, her legs folded beneath her.

She was dressed in a pantsuit the color of cherry roses and spurted off the coach as I approached her.

“Hey!” she exclaimed. “I remember you.”

The first time I met Chrissy was in October, 2016 and I was flattered — yet surprised, of course — to know she recognized my face.

She draped her arms over my shoulders and kissed me on the cheek while we reacquainted ourselves and I joked that I remembered her, too.

The Sports Illustrated model was in town to promote her partnership with Smirnoff’s No. 21 Vodka, but I took it as a chance to catch up with an old pal.