I Took Kylie Jenner’s Favorite Vitamins For 3 Months And My Hair Grew 6 Inches


Hi, my name is Katie and there are three things you should know about me.

First, I one time ate an entire pizza by myself. This has nothing to do with the story I’m about to tell you, but it’s a fun fact and I’m proud of myself. So cheer for me, bitches.

Second, I absolutely hate my hair. When I was in seventh grade, I got a haircut from a Spanish salon in Harlem and they gave me bright blonde highlights and emo side bangs even though I didn’t ask for either.

I left crying and the next week at school everyone called me “Piss Head.” Get it? Cause it looked like someone peed in my hair.

If you don’t believe me, check out this old-school Myspace photo. It’s the only “Piss Head” pic I have left, since I deleted/burned/buried the others.