I Tried Kylie Jenner’s Face Wash For 3 Weeks And My Skin Looks Better Than Ever


Kylie Jenner saved my life, and I’m here to tell the tale.

Before I dive deep into this story, let me introduce myself.

My name is Katie, I’m 23 years old and I consider showering an accomplishment. Maintaining personal hygiene is EXHAUSTING and probably burns more calories than working out.

Trust me, when you have to shave legs as hairy as mine, it breaks a goddamn sweat.

If I’m being even more honest, I just invested in a loofah for the first time the other day, so, uhh, let’s make this a judgement-free zone. K?

ANYWAY, it was a typical Tuesday morning, 6:15 am to be exact. My alarm went off eight times before I answered, and there was drool all over my face.

Boys, stay with me. It only gets hotter from here.