I Tried Kylie Jenner’s Favorite 28-Day Teatox And Lost 15 Pounds


Hi, my name is Katie and I’m a pretty average human being.

Carbs are my religion and smeared eyeliner is part of my usual aesthetic. One time, I woke up with an entire pizza in my purse. It was pepperoni, so that was cool.

To put things simply, I’m one of those girls who’s single and no one wonders why. It’s just a well-known fact I’d rather be making love to a hot plate of lasagna than a man who’s probably shorter than me anyway.

Oh, I’m also the Entertainment Writer at Elite Daily. So that means I constantly get to cover groundbreaking news about my girl Kylie Jenner (perhaps you’ve heard of her??).

Kylie’s life is anything but average. The girl can sneeze into a tissue and it’ll have more worth than my entire life.

I’m basically Kylie Jenner’s doppelgänger if Kylie Jenner ate 68,483,234 extra calories a day and then got hit by a bus. Yeah, then we’d look identical.