Lena Dunham And ‘Girls’ Cast Weigh In: Will Adam And Hannah End Up Together?


Lena Dunham’s HBO comedy “Girls” may be coming to an end soon, but viewers and the cast itself still have several questions about how the final season will play out.

If you’ve been following the lives of Hannah Horvath, Marnie Michaels, Jessa Johansson and Shoshanna Shapiro since 2012, you’re probably pretty familiar with the ups and downs of the characters’ relationships… specifically, the storyline between Hannah and Adam Sackler.

Adam, played by Adam Driver, has arguably one of the most prominent roles in the series, even if his character isn’t well-liked by many.

In season six, Adam finds himself in the middle of a twisted love story between Jessa and Hannah.

He’s moved on from Lena Dunham’s character, as he claims, and is having sex with his ex-girlfriend’s ex-best friend instead.

However, as I watch Adam and Jessa interact and lie naked on his living room floor, I can’t help but think about the relationship he had with Hannah.

Even if their love was toxic, are the two supposed to end up together in the end?

Well, Elite Daily was able to speak with Lena Dunham and the cast of “Girls” about Hannah and Adam’s relationship at the season six premiere.